Your Dream

I was recently inspired hearing a story about a man in his sixties going sky-diving. There was nothing getting in the way of this man living his life to the fullest, so I started to think of my own unfulfilled dreams.

Traveling the world was something I always wanted to do. Once I started paying bills, though, reality set in on how much it costs. There will always be reasons not to do something. Whether it is a trip you can’t afford, a job you aren’t qualified for or dreams with too many obstacles.

Instead of limiting your opportunity, try to find a way. You may not have the money for a vacation now but set up a savings plan. You may not be qualified for a certain position, but work hard to learn. As for your dreams, figure out what is keeping you from making them a reality.

Think about the one thing you have always wanted to do. Set up a plan and go for it.

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