When I was a little girl, my family packed up an RV and went up a mountain to watch a meteor shower. Never had I seen such a thing.  I still remember the smell of the crisp air and the way it felt thin in my lungs. The silence of the night and an eerie feeling that I was so small in comparison to such a giant sky left me full of wonder. 

 I was about 12 at the time of this memory. It was before I had a digital camera or Facebook and I didn’t think about sharing it with anyone. If this moment happened within the past five years, I may have missed out.

 Instead, much of my time would have been taking photos, trying to share what I saw; but a picture can never do it justice. The lens on my phone isn’t meant to capture wonder, smells and feelings. By trying to capture the moment I would end up missing millions of falling stars just outside the view of my little camera.

 Try not to get so caught up in posting the moment that you actually end up missing it all together. When looking at a star filled sky, a camera only captures a glimpse of its reality. So sure, take a couple pictures as a reminder and give yourself the rest of the time to actually have a memory. 

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