Over 10,000 unread messages were in my email inbox and I am not exaggerating! I don’t know how all of these random messages ended up there. Retail sales, the expensive trip offers, new houses on the market and random fitness tips. I was overwhelmed and honestly annoyed. I tried searching for an email one day but there were so many to scroll through.

I finally decided after weeks of frustration to delete the stinking emails. I was confused as to where they were coming from so I did a little investigating.

Apparently, I gave every single one of these annoyances access to my account. It didn’t matter to them that in 1 year 578 emails were sent to me. I was clueless to the fact that there are settings and I can decide how many notifications I wish to receive. I was ignorant that it was MY responsibility to go in and uncheck the boxes. I was also unaware of one very important option.

Hidden at the very bottom of every email, written in the tiniest of fonts is the option to “UNSUBSCRIBE.” You have to look because it is hidden but it’s there.

All of this crazy reminded me of my brain. Thousands of thoughts wanted and unwanted enter all the time. I just let them stay there until one day, I realize I can’t find what I am looking for. I lose my keys, misplace my wallet, forget appointments and commitments. My mind is overflowing all of the time.

There is only so much space inside of our minds. What are you allowing into yours? It is our responsibility to delete the unwanted thoughts and “unsubscribe” to things that we don’t have room for. Take the time to sift through these thoughts and get rid of the junk mail.

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