In a world filled with things, umbrellas are objects most people don’t give much thought. They can be used to protect people from rain and may also provide shade. Other than that, they are just umbrellas.

One day a bearded man went to buy ten of these seemingly inanimate objects. Without knowing who they were for or if they would be needed, he wanted to be prepared.

Driving through town, he noticed drops of rain begin to fall on the windshield. At just about the same time, a woman and young boy caught his attention. They were walking fast-paced, trying to avoid getting rained on. The man pulled over and handed the woman an umbrella.

There is nothing profound about this story. A man bought an umbrella and gave it to a lady. Somehow, though, in its simplicity, I find hope.

Earlier that day, he heard the forecast, which predicted rain. Instead of merely going about his day, he thought of others. These ten umbrellas will have ten different stories all of which will include this one bearded man.

Be someone’s bearded man. Use the overlooked objects around you to brighten someone’s day. You never know who is having a rainy day.

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