Several years ago a few of us girls got together to play games, eat a ton of food, and hang out. My friend lived pretty far, about 45 minutes on the outskirts of town. It was such a cute place, and in an area, I had never been to. There were rows and rows of orchards and almond trees that were just starting to bloom.

It was well past midnight when I left. I pulled out of the driveway and confidently made my turn as I drove out of this unfamiliar neighborhood. I started to realize that I had been driving for a long time and still couldn’t make out the main road. Normally, it wouldn’t be a problem except that my phone had died and there were no lights.

Suddenly, the rows seemed longer and the night grew darker. The roads were dirt…literally no pavement. What kind of neighborhood doesn’t have lights?! Oh, yeah, the kind I thought was really cute during the day, with horses and other farm animals.

I could feel myself starting to panic. I pulled over to the side and conveniently every horror movie I had ever watched came to mind. The Hills Have Eyes, The Ring, Texas Chainsaw Massacre… I wish this wasn’t so dramatic but I swear I was in complete freak out mode.

There I was, without a phone, GPS, or any sense of direction. Lost, in the middle of a beautiful and somewhat creepy orchard. The lines and rows of trees all looked the same. I had been here before. Not in this exact place but, lost. I felt like I was going in circles.

Maybe so have you. You feel stuck and like you aren’t getting anywhere in life. Maybe that relationship you hoped for left you feeling rejected, or the job you were promised fell through. Maybe you feel like you should be further ahead in life but can’t seem to find your path?

It genuinely stinks that there isn’t a roadmap or GPS that leads to our purpose. I wish I had answers for you but, instead, I have this story. It’s clear that I made it out alive. I wasn’t chased by a giant, mask-wearing creep and I actually learned a few things from this experience.

1. Find something familiar.
I had to make a U-turn and drive a while but, found something I recognized. On the way to the house, I remembered a fence because it had a cute little rooster on it. So, I followed it. When you find yourself lost, stop going in the wrong direction. Go back a few steps and then move forward.

2. Everyone gets lost.
Some more than others but, no one knows where they are going all of the time. If this were true, GPS wouldn’t have been invented and even then, there is a re-routing setting because we all make wrong turns and sometimes outright ignore the plan because we want to stop for coffee.

3. There are several roads to take.
Most destinations aren’t a straight shot. In fact, there are back roads and side roads, main roads, highways, and even alleys in some cases. The point is, take the path that is right for you. We get so caught up on how someone else reached their destination quicker and end up missing the point. Maybe yours is the scenic route? So stop and enjoy the view.

My friend, don’t allow this “lost” feeling overwhelm you. If there is anything I can say- it is to keep trying. So what if you end up somewhere unplanned? Life is meant to be explored and maybe, just maybe, you’ll actually like where you end up?

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