6 Things I Wish I knew in my early 20’s

I spend much of my time with college age people. I sit back and watch them struggle with identity, love, breakups, financial struggles and a lot of anxiety. Within a couple of months, I will turn twenty-nine. Looking back to my early twenties, there are some tips I wish someone had shared with me.

Learn to love yourself
Other than improving some character flaws and getting healthier, there are not many things you can change about yourself. Learn to appreciate the quirks and imperfections because they are what make you unique.

Let go of past hurts in relationships
Carrying around guilt, shame and bitterness will only keep you from opening your heart to have healthy relationships in your future. If you were the cause of the break-up, learn to forgive yourself.

Forgive your parents
It took me years to realize that I was still angry for some of the decisions my parents made when I was a child. Now that I am older, I realize how easy it is to make some of those same mistakes. Cut them some slack and make memories with them.

Get rid of expectations
Life usually doesn’t go as planned. We place expectations on others and ourselves that are often unrealistic. I am not saying to settle; I am encouraging you to learn to change and make room for a plan B, C, D…..

Start a savings account
Learning to plan for your future is very important. Weddings, engagement rings, houses, cars and everyday things cost money. If you want any of these things in the future, why not plan ahead? You will never regret having extra money.

It’s ok to feel a little lost
We grow and change as people but don’t always realize it. I felt like such a failure because things weren’t the way I wanted them to be “right now.” You are building a future, and that takes time.

Hey. It’s going to be okay. I promise.

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