For Anyone Feeling Insecure

You think too much, speak too much and eat too much. You are too fat. Too caring. Too tall. Too dark. Too fair skinned. Have too much cellulite, too many pimples, too many gray hairs. Way too many wrinkles, you are too buff, have too many commitments and are way too busy. You are TOO MUCH, and yet, somehow, not quite enough.

Not smart enough, brave enough or good-looking enough. There isn’t enough money in your bank account or enough hair on your head.

Then what are you exactly? Is anything about you good at all? I’d say, absolutely, yes. But why are you focusing so much on the bad and ignoring the GREAT?

You have so much great, my dear.

Why don’t you believe that? Are you comparing yourself to someone else? Do you sit and wonder why you don’t measure up? Do you look at your mistakes and say, “I deserve this because I_________”

You aren’t alone. But just because everyone else does it, doesn’t make it okay. Just because we all have insecurities doesn’t give us an excuse to have them on repeat in our thoughts.

I challenge you to do these things when negativity comes into your mind:


1. For every negative thing said or thought about yourself you have to say three positive things about yourself- out loud.

2. Write a list of four physical things you like about yourself. If you are having a hard time, think of things that others have said to be true about you.

3. Make a list of four things about your character you appreciate.

As silly and awkward as this seems, it is important to become aware of thoughts we allow. Eventually, they will drop into our hearts and get stuck there. You are better than this. You were made for more and cannot allow this insecurity to keep you from living life.

I understand that when you walk into a room you size up everyone and don’t measure up. I get that you worry about saying something stupid and risk making a fool out of yourself. So, what. We all do but that’s what makes us who we are. Awkward, strange, embarrassed. At least you’ll be living. You were made to live, not to hide behind insecurity.

Start living.

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