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Most girls cannot wait to get boobs. For several of my friends the day came and went, but for the rest of us is an invention called the push-up bra. It was awesome! You put it on and instantly it added a  couple cup sizes. 

One time I was playing soccer and the ball hit me really hard in the chest. I didn’t even flinch because all that padding cushioned the blow…literally. I acted like it never happened. It wasn’t until my early twenties that the bra started to bother me. Aside from the fact that they are extremely uncomfortable, they are also a lie. 

Push-up bras remind me of dating. We aim to put a perfect self forward and end up losing ourselves. The goal in dating should be marriage, but by trying to hide every flaw, the process becomes exhausting, stressful and pointless. Eventually, your true self will come out and you’ll have wasted all that time wearing a mask. 

Not everyone is going to be attracted to you so stop trying so hard to get noticed in the wrong ways. Your person will learn to accept and maybe even love the flaws. Do both you and your future spouse a favor and be yourself…minus all the extra padding. 

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