There is a common analogy used to compare perspectives. The question asks, “Is the cup half empty or half full?” The person responds and a lesson taught about having an optimistic or pessimistic viewpoint. But What if in that cup was a black, sticky goo used to sweeten food called, molasses? What if a fly fell in and got stuck in it? Would it matter whether or not the glass was empty or full? Either way, that sucker is stuck.

It has been five months since a blog has been posted to the site. The process has become somewhat tedious when the initial intention had been for a purpose. A series of excuses pour out anytime someone asks why I haven’t written. After each conversation, I leave feeling defeated because my reasoning is far from accurate. The embarrassing truth is that I have become more focused on what people think about me.

I have watched encouraging videos, read, prayed, written, deleted, criticized and even though it’s been so long, people are still kind enough to say nice things toward the blog. My point is this, no matter how you look at it, sometimes in life, you are that fly.

Life’s “Goo,” in this case, my insecurities often leave us feeling trapped. After a while, it seems easier to give up and stop trying. Unlike that fly, we thankfully have more options.

I honestly wanted to quit the blog. It seemed easier to let it go than to stress so much about its success. Isn’t that a joke. I would rather give up before I even really tried. I would rather not try than to face the possibility of criticism. I am genuinely embarrassed to share this with you. This flaw that has had me stuck for so long and kept me from living out my dream and purpose. But I have to finish what I started.

The desire for making a difference in the world has to be louder than my fears. My passion has to be the antidote to the paralyzing feeling of being stuck. It hasn’t been an easy five months. Needless to say, I have beat myself up more than I probably should have. Here are my two nuggets of advice for those who may be feeling stuck, too.

Move Forward
Even if it’s an inch, eventually the inches turn into feet, then to miles. Just don’t stop.

Prepare for Criticism
No matter what you do or how you do it, someone may hate it. It’s okay not to be liked by everyone. Be YOU and be the best at it.

Happy Flying.

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  1. Hi! It’s Tianna! I liked this. I always say, it’s easier to quit. So I related to you when you said that. It’s true. It takes work to keep on doing something but it’s much easier to stop working at something. It’s much easier to give up.

    1. Hi, Tianna!! Thank you for taking the time to read. You are such a beautiful and talented person. One of the COOLEST people I know. Don’t give up on what you wanna do either. LOVE YOU.

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