Junk Drawer

In our house, we have three. It is often an argument about how much crap is in them and I am not too prideful to admit that it’s 93 percent my fault. When we first bought the house I had a goal not to have a junk drawer but as time went by the empty spaces got filled with things that didn’t seem to have a place. When you walk into our home, it is tidy and mostly picked up but the junk is still there even if you don’t see it at first.

Unfortunately, this is how I handle situations in my life, too. When there is anger I refuse to admit, frustrations I choose not to confront, or hurt feelings I decide to deny all come up for the world to see, I find a junk drawer to stuff them in.

On the outside, I am put together, happy and full of life but the unresolved feelings are still there; and so much like the mail falling through the back of the drawer to the cabinet below, are my emotions spilling into all areas of my life into places they don’t belong.

Today is January 1, 2016, and all the junk from last year is following me into the new year because I chose not to clean it out. When 2017 hits I want to be able to say just the opposite; instead of ignoring things and shoving them inside, I dealt with it as it came. So, I will put it through the shredder, give it away, find another use or get rid of it.

Happy New Year and cheers to getting rid of the junk.

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    1. Hello Laurie,

      I am blushing. Thanks for taking the time to join and for reading. I am looking forward to this new adventure without all the extra junk. Happy New Year to you!

  1. I did a devotional on this once. It is so true. Thanks for reminding me to clean out my junk! Love you my friend!

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