Society has been frustrating lately. News articles, Facebook feeds, radio talk and dinner conversations are filled with tragic topics. I generally avoid them because it is too hard to think about. Plus, I don’t need that negativity in my life.

There is a story in Mark chapter 6 that clearly depicts my relationship with Jesus at times. After a long day of ministry, people were hungry. “Send the people away so they can buy themselves something to eat,” said the disciples.

Jesus blows my mind with nothing profound. He simply says, β€œ You give them something to eat.”

These men were caring and had compassion for their hunger which is great, but they wanted someone else to do the job.

Our world is falling apart. We often complain about a situation and expect someone to do something. I want to ask, why not you?
We get caught up in doing something great but the more I live life, the more I see the importance of the small and overlooked.

I want to challenge you to fill a hole in some of the most uncommon places. When the grocery carts are in parking spaces, take a moment to collect and put them away. When a place is filled with trash, put your complaints aside and pick it up. If someone is hungry, feed them. If a family is hurting, go out of your way to see them through it.

As Christians, we aren’t called to stay away from the negativity. In fact, I think we are called to be right in the middle of it. Negativity will only be combatted by acts of positivity. Along with praying for change, pick up a shovel and fill in some holes.

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