Hasta La Vista

We tend to be creatures of habitual rituals. Some minor, others so ingrained that we identify with them on a personal level, eventually becoming part of who we are as individuals. Relationships, hobbies, religion, politics, dreams or goals just to name a few things at the core of who we are. The problem is not within the topics alone, it is identifying with them so much that we are unwilling to admit when it’s time to quit.

In quitting, in saying goodbye, doesn’t make you a coward. It means that you realize “it” isn’t working for you anymore and instead is time to say, hello, to something new.

In fourth grade, I wanted to play the flute and join the school band. My mom rented one and signed me up at school. It didn’t take long before I realized that I actually had to practice and do it during recess. It would have been easy for my mom to force me to stick it out and maybe she should have but whatever, I wasn’t good at all and hated it. During the same time period, I discovered a love for soccer. Something I was actually good at. Again, my mom signed me up but instead of quitting it became a ritual I lived out for over 15 years.

I share this story because as a kid, I didn’t care what people thought about me. I cared that I was missing recess and hated what I was doing. I dared to try something new and it worked out for me. At what point do we stop trying new things and become afraid to say, goodbye to things we don’t actually even enjoy?

Take a moment for yourself to examine your reasons for doing something. IF it is for a purpose then put your whole heart into it and don’t quit. But if you are doing it because you are afraid to move on then say, Hasta La Vista and let it go.

Find a new dream, open your heart to a new love, make plans and actually follow through with them. This year get out of the rut, stop caring so much about what others think and find a new passion.

P.S. I would love to hear what your dreams are for 2017 and cannot wait to watch you live them out. Leave a comment here or find me on Facebook or Instagram.

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  1. I feel ya. I recently quit my job that I absolutely hated! I was terrified to quit though, scared of what people thought, etc. I knew it was what was best though.

    1. That is one of the hardest things to do. Especially since you went to school for it. However, it’s not a wasted effort. You’ve eliminated that it’s not for you. One more thing checked off so you can move on to something you are truly passionate about. You have an entire life to figure it out. Have fun!!!

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