I cannot keep up with the beauty industry. Instead of pulling out our own, they push to mold us into their idea of what beauty is. The worst part is; we fall for it every time.

Those with brown eyes want blue, people with blue eyes want the tan skin. People with tan skin want to be lighter, shall I go on?

Growing up I had a friend who was absolutely GORGEOUS. The kind we admire. She hated her freckles though and would use makeup to cover them up. I never understood why but have issues of my own.

My hair is crazy frizzy and wild. The flat iron has become a dear friend. It’s used 2-3 times per week and takes about an hour each time. Approximately twelve hours a month, one hundred forty-four hours a year have been wasted on trying to force this hair to be something it is not.

Our idea of beauty is far too narrow. Blotches, dark circles, stretch marks, frizzy hair, freckles, uneven skin, cellulite, and tan lines, are less than ideal; but should never give others the power to set the standard of what beauty is.

Sure, admire someone’s beauty but the moment it is used to criticize yourself is when you stop. No one in the world is exactly like you. Since freckles are here, why not connect the dots and make something beautiful.

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