Brick Wall

Construction started at the age of six with news of my parentโ€™s divorce. Uncertainty and confusion left me wondering if love was real.

The search began. To feel wanted, accepted, and secure. The easiest way was through a boy. He liked me and made me feel important. Until I wasnโ€™t anymore and he found someone better. This happened over and over and over.With each rejection, lie, or disappointment, I picked up a brick, laid down some mortar, and started to build a wall.

It took years to let someone in. I finally opened my heart only to have it broken worse than before. I sat in tears ready to lay another brick but realized how lonely I had become. The wall that had once made me feel safe had turned into a prison, keeping anyone from getting in or out. I distanced myself from friends, family, and even God.

I don’t know what your bricks represent. They may be part of who you are but they don’t have to keep you from having meaningful relationships. I can almost guarantee that you will get let down by others and you will do the same. Choose to open up anyway.

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