3 girls in a hardware store

I need you to imagine a beautiful Christmas tree. Picture strategically placed ornaments, twinkling lights, branches flocked with snow and glistening diamonds reflecting off the tree. Now imagine the majestic pine toppling over.

From the other room, a friend and I watched as one guy repeatedly lifted the tree like one would pluck a turnip from the ground. After several times, we finally decided to investigate. A closer look led us to a full-blown operation. Two guys under the tree and my little friend delivering orders. Apparently, the tree stand broke sending her creation into the wall.

Three of us girls rallied up and headed to purchase a new stand. My very determined friend spotted them right away. We collectively decided that the most expensive one was the only way to go. Besides, it came with a “limited lifetime warranty.” Whatever that means.

She proceeded to tell us that she also wanted to prop up the tree to make room for presents. All she kept saying was, “we need wood, the kind that’s stacked.” Absolutely stumped, we brought in two poor unsuspecting lumber guys. With our five minds attempting to decode what she wanted, we finally came to the realization that she wanted a pallet.

A few laughs and head scratches later we found some. Only they were way too big and would cost an additional $15. The guys must have been bored or felt pity because they mentioned a smaller pallet size usually thrown away but a manager needed to be paged.

Without hesitation, the words slipped out, “If you don’t ask, the answer is always, no.” A phrase my step-dad would often share. They got a small bout of inspiration and decided to ask on our behalf.

So we waited. Half expecting rejection but to our surprise, the manager said, yes! There we were… three happy girls strutting down the aisles with our shiny new stand and 2 FREE pallets.

I share this story because my friend is tenacious in everything she does. I admire that about her. She puts her mind to something and makes it happen. I think that’s what gave me the boldness to speak up. Watching her relentless pursuit of getting what she wanted, left me with no choice but to be on her side.

How often do we just give up or settle? How many times do we pay the extra $15 for something we didn’t even really want? Friend, we have got to stop folding and start persisting. Did we bug some of the employees? Probably. Did we look silly and open ourselves to rejection? Definitely. But we also ended the evening re-decorating an elevated tree.

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